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These are the best prime day deals, specifically prime day tv deals. This list compiles the names, savings, and key features of each prime day tv deal.

These are the best prime day deals, specifically prime day tv deals. This list compiles the names, savings, and key features of each prime day tv deal.

If you’ve been in the market to revamp your living room with a new tv, look no further than these killer prime day deals. Want to be boujee and put a small one in your bathroom? Go ahead and throw one of these small ones up and don’t think twice about it. There’s a mix of sizes, picture quality, and plugins. A little something for everyone. Check them out!

  1. Amazon Fire TV 75″

This deal is absolutely insane! It is originally priced at $1,049 and is marked down to $719 today! This tv has over 23,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating. It’s made by Amazon, for us, and I can’t be surprised that it’s Amazon’s Choice. It makes sense when there’s only 6% of those thousands of reviews that are 1 star. This Smart TV’s key features include:

  • 4K Entertainment- Ultra HD with pictures that jump out at you.
  • Talk to Alexa through your TV! Hands-free too. No more, “Where’s the remote?!?”
  • Stream millions of movies and shows with your subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.
  • Alexa changes over time and so does your tv. The Fire TV updates as Alexa does. How COOL!
  • 3 HDMI inputs to connect your satellite, cable, and game consoles.
  • Privacy is important so you can electronically disconnect the microphone if you choose.

There’s also an Amazon Fire Stick TV 50″ 4 Series that was originally $499 and is now knocked down to $289 if you want a smaller more afforable option. A 36% cut to the original price for this exclusive prime day tv deal.

Something a little smaller along the same lines? Sure, the 43″ is available too at the low price of $229. A 38% discount from $369.

Both of these tv’s have been reviewed over 33,000 times and have a 4.5 star rating. A great tv that people like and for a great price!

2. Toshiba 32″ Class V35

At almost 3,500 reviews Toshiba has a 4.5 star rating from their buyers. The resolution isn’t 4K but it’s also smaller and more affordable. The original price was $159 but it’s now available at $99.

The Toshiba 32″ features include:

  • Fire TV- ask Alexa to search for your favorite show on Netflix.
  • Access to endless apps, channels, and Alexa skills.
  • DTS Virtual-X technology creates an immersive sound.
  • Supports Apple Airplay. Connect your phone to share photos, videos, music, and more.

If you want something a little larger and made by Toshiba. There’s a 43″ for sale as well through these amazing prime day deals. It’s only marked down 20% but it has a better quality picture.

3. Hisense 50″ ULED U6HF Series

What a drop! Amazon Prime took it from $529 to $299. That’s a 43% decrease. Prime day deals did not come to play! This tv can do it all and it’s another top pick from Amazon. It’s a pretty outstanding choice with a 4.4 star rating from over 2,300 reviews. Here’s a look at the features:

  • The best picture imagineable with 4K ULED.
  • Quantum Dot that gives you better color.
  • Fire TV to watch all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.
  • Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10 and HDR 10 Plus give that cinematic feeling.
  • Motion Rate of 240 gives a non-blurring effect when watching fast-action scenes.
  • Use Alexa with the included Alexa voice remote.
  • Connect your soundbar to the tv through Bluetooth.
  • 4 HDMI Ports.
  • TV sits on 12in metal stands.
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No wonder it’s an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ pick! It’s got it all.

4. Pioneer 50″ Class LED

Best Seller Alert!

The largest price cut we’ve seen at 52% was this markdown from $419 to the current price of $199. The Pioneer 50″ has 1,356 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. A tv people are enjoying and I’m sure their wallets are even more. A little bit about this prime day tv deal is that Pioneer has:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution- aka fantastic picture quality.
  • Dolby Vision. Once you go dolby, you don’t go back. Super sharp!
  • Talk to Alexa to open apps, choose shows, and listen to music.
  • Fire TV lets you watch all your favorite streaming services in one place.
  • DTS Virtual-X Sound- a more immersive experience/sound.

5. Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series

Out of almost 2,000 reviews it has the highest star rating of 4.6. The prime day tv deal is listed at a discount of 35%. Originally it was priced at $169 and is now only $109.

There’s a 24″ and 42″ if you want to check out their other sizes.

  • 1080p solution so you can watch all your favorites in high definition
  • Alexa Voice Control allows you to control your tv by pressing a button on your remote and asking Alexa to open an app, pause a show, and switch to cable
  • Fire TV allows you to use your streaming apps, and channels.
  • Supports Apple Airplay- connect your phone to share what you want
  • HDMI Arc- connect audio directly from HDMI jack to a soundbar, no need for an extra cable

Hope you found this list helpful of different savings, tvs, features, and sizes. I tried to include a mix of prices, specifications and sizes. If you want a new tv in your dorm room this fall or need to jazz up the living room, there’s a deal for you.

Leave a comment if you found this list helpful at all and how it could be improved! 🙂