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Get your customizable refrigerator magnets here:

Customizable refrigerator magnets are exactly what you need for a:

  • Special Memory
  • Favorite Funny Phrase/ Meme
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Latest Event
  • Best Trip
  • A Gift for your Partner
  • Surprise for a Friend
  • Upcoming Event

These magnets are completely customizable to whatever occasion you want to remember!

These make perfect invitation magnets.

Our loved ones receive a gift plus the date and event on their new magnet!

They’ll be reminded every day about your future celebrations together. It’s also ideal for those of us who lose things. I haven’t lost any invitations I was able to stick to my fridge 😂

Personalized Magnet Wedding Invitations

What a fantastic way to spread the news about your future life together while also giving a small gift to those who are invited to the wedding. They can check out your two beautiful faces every day thinking of all your crazy wonderful times.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and what a better way to say I love you than having your partners favorite picture made into a magnet that can be seen on the fridge anytime. It’s a small gesture to show your love and affection that can now be seen every day.

This is a clue for those of you who don’t have your Valentine’s gifts or anniversary presents yet. Even if it’s not a special occasion. Being thoughtful and giving someone a small surprise/gift can be so moving.

It’s a sweet sentiment after a trip to say I missed you and wanted to see you every day while you were away. Surprise them for their birthday with a present that’s really a gift for both of you 😉

You get to see them while they get to see you. Win-win for everyone involved.

Celebrate your favorite graduate with a magnet!

Freeze the graduation in time to remember that pivotal moment. Closing the chapter to school and opening a new chapter to “adulthood.”

Take the best photo of their graduation with you and make it into a magnet they can put up in their new apartment/house. A memory they’ll cherish because you were a part of it.

I ADORE this one of my sister and I at my graduation! <3

The beauty of these magnets is that they are 100% customizable!

You can choose the size of your magnet: The options are

  • 3 x 3
  • 4 x 4
  • 6 x 6

Customize yours now:

You can upload a photo to be included on the magnet.

It could be the background or you can choose to have it only take up a portion of the magnet and have your text stand out on a plane-colored background.

Your customized fridge magnets are perfect gifts for your friends.

I love to create meaningful moments and memories with my friends. I like to surprise them with a photo from an adventure we’ve taken together. I made this one to remember our first music festival!

I want them to have a gift that they can use/see, provide them with a small piece of one of our times together, and put a smile on their face when I’m not around to do it. Putting one of their funniest faces on a magnet never fails!

There are 20 different font options to choose from so you feel like your style is being presented. However, if I don’t have one listed that you’ll love. I’d like to hear about it to make it happen if I can! 🙂

Fonts can say a lot.

There are 20 different font options to choose from so you feel like your style is being presented. However, if I don’t have one listed that you’ll love. I’d like to hear about it to make it happen if I can! 🙂

If you would like to include any text please write that in the ‘Personalization’ box when you make the order on Etsy. I will send you options of design styles for the magnets once I receive the text that you’d like to include, the photo, font style, plus the background color. Talk to me about what you’d like your design to look like here:

These personalized magnets can save the date for a future wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or the trip of a lifetime.

Remind yourself of promises that you made to yourself. Take yourself back to a certain moment and hold yourself accountable.

Don’t forget those feelings. Let them ground you in your present moment. Gently helping yourself along your path to where you want to go. It can be super moving while your reaching for the juice.

Magnet making with your kids?

It would be a super cool activity to do with your kids as well. Get the family involved when it comes to decorating your customized fridge magnets. When was the last time they picked out a magnet for the fridge? Picked out a photo to be hung up?

Now, what if you had them help you make it?! Who knows the large amount of ideas they would have for your new magnet, or…I’m sorry…magnetsssss.

Make your Personalized Magnet Today!

Whether you want a save the date magnet for your wedding or want to see your friend more often and put up an adventure you had together, the choice is yours! What comes to your mind?